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About Us

All our products are proudly Australian made and everything is made on site. The Denture Clinic is attached to our Dental Laboratory. This allows us complete control over the quality of your custom made dentures.

Our 35 years of Dental Laboratory experience and knowledge ensures you will be treated by an experienced and knowledgable team.


Hilda Ocokoljic
Hilda began her career in 1986 as an apprentice dental technician in Ingleburn. While doing her apprentiship she studied in Sydney and received her Diploma of Dental Technology and Adv Diploma of Dental Prosthetics in 1994. Hilda owned and operated a successful practice in Ingleburn for 9 years and left to start a family. Hilda returned to the dental industry in 2007 in a busy Camden practice and is now looking forward to working in the Denture Clinic